EUROSOL P&M GmbH recently joined the multinational consortium of the European Innovation Project TILOS (Technology Innovation for the Local Scale, Optimum integration of Battery Energy Storage).

The project’s main goal is to demonstrate the potential of local / small?scale battery storage to serve a multi?purpose role within an island micro?grid that also interacts with a main electricity network. Among others, the project aims to achieve large?scale RES penetration and storage assets’ value maximization through the optimum integration of a hybrid RES (wind and PV) power station together with advanced batteries, distributed, domestic heat storage, smart metering and DSM, all together comprising elements of a smart microgrid.

EUROSOL took over leadership of WP4 and started with the design and engineering of a new approach for the integrated DSM system, including smart metering, energy monitors and DSM panels as well as communication with the central SCADA of the microgrid.

Furthermore, strategies related to electric appliances safety, especially after possible power cuts were considered, in order to provide the local community with another added value.